Become an Agent for Stacey College

I am looking for people who are willing to promote Stacey College among their own networks. I will provide all the marketing material. The agent is paid 20% of the students fees when they sign up and pay. The agent must bring the student to the college and be present at the signing up of the student.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who has a lot of connections with people who may want to learn English. As a new college we will offer experienced teachers, high quality programs, and an attention to individual needs. We are looking for people to become part of the team, recruiting students and promoting our college.

If you are interested please contact me.

Kathy Muhlhan     email:

Photographing Perth

A lot has happened in a week:

I went up to Kings Park on Sunday to take some photos and had such a great time. Being a long weekend there were lots of people. There was a wedding reception being held at the restaurant with ribboned limousines and lots of girls in fancy dresses and high heels prancing their way through the bitumen car park. The immaculate lawns were strewn with people of all types – Indians, Chinese, Germans, Koreans…. I could smell curries and bbqs. There were little kids riding bikes and scooters along the footpaths. A father and son kicking the footy trying not to land it on a nearby picnic rug. Groups of tourists taking photos. There were punks with tatoos and blue and green hair. Indian women in their beautifully coloured saris, a woman in her hajib looking after her two lively little girls. Everyone seemed to mix in really well together, being friendly and polite. One couple asked me to take their photo against the backdrop of the Perth skyline. Other people laughed and joked together while enjoying the view. I stood in front of the war memorial looking out at the city and water as the sun went down. The water went from blue to silver to pink then to dark blue. I lined up with the tourists and a few more serious looking photographers with their tripods. I wasn’t 100% sure who were the tourists and who were the locals – everyone seemed to be enjoying the view just as much. I did hear the sprinkling of a number of languages, and their were more than the usual variety of skin colours that frequent my part of suburbia. The city lit up as the sky became dark. A lovely view. What a beautiful city.

On a technical note – when taking landscape photos make sure you don’t use a 28mm lens – had to discard a few nice shots as they looked a bit bendy!

Got my Certificate of Registration of business name in the mail this week. With that in hand then went to the bank and began the process of opening a business bank account. Far less draining than I expected. Must say CBA have improved their customer service a lot recently! The bank account should be functional today – then I can start spending money!

Great news – I have 4 people who are interested in being agents for Stacey College with Korean, Indonesian and Chinese contacts. They bring me students and I pay them 20% of the students fees. A sweet deal for both parties I think. If you are interested in being an agent and have contacts in the international community please contact me at

Still working on the website – should have a home page online within a week. Launching of the new logo is immanent. STAY TUNED!!!

Stacey College linked to Facebook

Welcome all my friends and relatives to the Stacey College Blog. This is my personal account of the creation of Stacey College starting from March 2012 looking forward to our first classes in 2013. Follow along the journey of registration, finding a property, marketing, building a business. It is a big learning journey for me, and should be a fun story to share with you all.


Stacey College is Perth’s newest place to learn English offering courses beginning in 2013. If you are a tourist or on a working holiday Stacey College can offer you English Language Courses to suit your needs. Study full time or part time.

The Beginning of Stacey Resources

Well it has been an exciting week! Stacey Resources Pty. Ltd. has been officially registered as a company. I am one of the directors. This company will form the resource base for Stacey College. I have submitted the application for the business name Stacey College and then will open a bank account.

My brother Cooper has designed the college logo which will soon be revealed.

The main focus from here is getting the website up and running. I am in the process of creating it – and am on a sharp learning curve. I did design websites once – back at the dawn of the internet at uni in 1996. Everything is actually a little easier now but it is still proving a challenge.

This weekend (a long weekend I only discovered to my delight today) I will try and get out and about to take some touristy photos of Perth for the website. Should be fun.