Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival- WA Style! 端午节

June 2nd is Dragon Boat Festival which is celebrated in many different places. China, Hong Kong, MacaZongzi 1u, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia all celebrate Dragon Boat Festival. Western Australia will even be holding Dragon Boat races later this year. This year Dragon Boat Festival also falls on a public holiday in WA and I decided that it was time to celebrate the festival in style. So what did we do to celebrate this festival here in WA? First, I made a very important visit to Lotus Vegetarian restaurant on James Street and picked up some Zongzi. You cannot celebrate this festival without Zongzi. Zongzi is swZongzi 2eetened glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or banana leaves. Lotus Vegetarian is a friendly little place with a vegetarian grocery attached. They are quite helpful and you can order over the phone for pick up later. You can find contact details and other information for this restaurant on their website by clicking here: Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant. You can see my son with our haul of Zongzi in the picture. We were all excited to dig in! Word of caution, don’t eat the leaves.

We also made origami dragons. To say this was a challenge would be a huge understatement. Dragon Origami 1My husband actually went to lie down to get away from me ranting at the computer. I made two and the first one was a real clanger. Free online patterns for dragon origami can be found here: Hugo Pereira origami diagrams. For some of us though a little more help is required, so if you are like me here is a link to a great YouTube tutorial: dragon origami tutorial. The boy in the video is incredibly impressive and patient. You can see my second attempt at a dragon in the picture.

Williams Street 1Our next stop was William Street. We made reservations at Shanghai Tea Garden. You can visit their Facebook page here: Shanghai Tea Garden. Not only is the décor gorgeous but the food was absolutely amazing! We were the only people there who weren’t Asian, which to me is always a good sign you are getting excellent Chinese food. Our boys left the table after Shanghai Tea Garden 1eating so much it boggled my mind and then came back 5 minutes later to eat even more. The people were very friendly and some of the other patrons even advised us on where to take the best photos in the restaurant. After stuffing ourselves like Christmas geese we decided on a walk down William Street. This is a street meant for the explorer in your family. There are so many different shops and restaurants to visit. If you want pork buns, spring onion pancakes, traditional Asian clothes or beautiful Chinese lanterns in addition to a lot of other food and Asian products, then this is the street for you. Dragon Boat 1Lastly, we made Dragon Boats of our own using a pattern available for free here: free kid’s crafts, dragon boat project. The boys really got into this project. They named their dragon boats, mine was Smaug, and we raced them later by taping them to toy cars. I have a feeling the races will last all week or at least until our dragons fall apart and we need to make new ones. Dragon Boat Festival is tomorrow but our family has enjoyed celebrating all weekend long. We still have Zongzi in the fridge, dragon boats to race and I have some beautiful Chinese lanterns to hang tomorrow. I hope you enjoy Dragon Boat Festival tomorrow and some of these ideas come in handy. For more information on living an international lifestyle please visit my other blogs: Life Hack Language Learning, Third Culture Kids, Birthplace and Belonging  and Where will you go? Living a life Without Boundaries .