Free Mandarin iPad Apps for Children – Story Based

This one is a bit girly and pink , but if you don’t mind that, its a great app! If you have a little princess at home – this is the app for you. Also good for pre gender stereotyped kids such as my 2 year old boy whose favourite part is the sticker game pictured below.


The interesting thing about this app is that it is story based rather than category based like most of the other apps. You get the story of Snow White for free. There are another 4 books you can buy for $1.99 each: Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.

There are 4 parts – Read, Colour, Play and Sing.

Read: The story of Snow White is presented in book form, read to you in an American accent, with a few Chinese sentenced interspersed throughout. Icons appear on the side of the page as new Chinese words are introduced. These are flashcards that can be clicked on to see the picture bigger, then clicked on to see the Chinese character on the back. The words taught are bird, princess, rabbit, deer, squirrel, 1, 2, 3, my name is, good bye, very good and thank you.


Colour: This is a simple colouring exercise. The only learning component is that as you pick a new colour to use it is said out loud for you to hear.

Play:  (1) Memory – classic game of memory trying to match 2 of the same images. The word is pronounced when a correct match is found.

(2) Bingo – listen to the word, and look at the picture, and find the matching card.

(3) Sticker – 4 stickers to match to the empty shapes in the picture.

Sing: A song about Snow White can be played from beginning to end or section y section using the interactive  buttons.

What I like: A good mix of greetings, numbers and animals all based around a well known story. Lovely colourful illustrations.

princesses learn CHinese

What I don’t like: Really does push the buying of more books as your ‘library’ looks very empty with only one book in it.

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