Teaching Mandarin

In today’s Australian – and I had just been thinking the same thing after a discussion with a Primary School principal who was concerned that Mandarin may be too hard a language for kids to learn. My thought was maybe if we just focussed on helping them learn to speak the language rather than getting bogged down in all the characters. Looks like Victoria beat me too it, and have already decided to do the same thing.

Just click on the newsprint to read a bigger version.

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  1. Merilyn
    Merilyn says:

    This is how you kids learned Bengali. Listen and copy.
    All kids learn their mother tongue this way.
    Its amazing that its thought of as a revolutionary new way for kids to learn.!

    • Stacey College
      Stacey College says:

      I think the problem is when language learning becomes part of a school curriculum there are uniform outcomes and a set way of teaching that doesn’t necessarily fit with the student’s goals. Approaching language as a life skill rather than a means of getting a grade I think is far more productive.

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