Andy Murray impressed me today. He won a Grand Slam, the US Open. This in itself is an achievement. But what impressed me most was knowing that he has been in 4 previous Grand Slam finals and lost them all. If you are a tennis fan then you know that the Grand Slams have so much more honour and glory than all the other tournaments. Even though he is number 3 in the world, and won countless titles, he could not break through to win a Grand Slam. He made a decisive move in December 2011 by appointing past great Ivan Lendl as his coach. It turns out that Lendl also lost his first 4 Grand Slam titles before going on to be a dominant force in tennis for many years. With Lendl on his side he went on to loose the Wimbledon Final in front of his ever so hopeful home crowd. But now, on his 5th attempt, he has broken through! Faced with failure he did not back down, but armed himself with more support, persevered, and now has achieved victory. It’s inspiring!

What do you do when faced with failure? “Continuous effort-not strength or intelligence- is the key to unlocking our potential,” said Winston Churchill . We’re not all Andy Murrays and we are definitely not all going to win Grand Slam tennis matches. But we do all have strengths and gifts. Failure in these areas does not have to be the end. As we face inevitable obstacles let’s arm ourselves with more support, a better team, and prepare for the fight!

Learning a new language definitely takes perseverance. If you’ve been struggling with a new language for a while why not get Stacey College on your team and see if we can help you to victory!

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