The 5th in my series of Country blogs. This one is inspired by the fact that my husband is visiting Helsinki next month for the 12th International Congress for Luther Research.

Official Name: Suomen Tasavalta (Republic of Finland)

Population: 5.4 Million

Capital: Helsinki, 600 000 Population

Official Language: Finnish and Swedish (most speak Finnish)

Population Density: 16 people/ km2


(1)Geography: A land of lakes, islands and forests. 187 888 lakes, 179 584 islands, and 75% of the country covered in forests.

(2)Religion: 90% Evangelical Lutheran Church.

(3)Education: 100 % literacy

(4)Sport: Home of obscure world championships – wife carrying, mobile phone throwing, mosquito catching, air guitar, swamp soccer…

(5)Food: seisova Poyta (smorgasbord)

(6)Technology: 5 million mobile phones in a population of 5.4million. As a result there is no public phones.

(7)Light: During the summer it is the ‘land of the midnight sun’, while in winter there are days when the sun never comes up and everything is bathed in an eerie blue light called kaamos. Also home to the ‘Aurora Borealis’, the Northern Lights.

(8) Women: 1st country in the world to give women the vote.

(9) History: Declared independence from Russia in 1917.

(10) Claims to fame:

Santa Claus– Has an office in Finland.

Nokia – a Finnish company that is the largest producer of mobile phones in the world.