Population: 1.3 Billion

Language: Mandarin (206 dialects)

Capital: Beijing, 19.6million population.

Shanghai largest city, 23 million population

Population Density: 133 people/km2


(1) Technology: China’s bullet train is the fastest in the world.

(2) Religion: There is no official religion. 30% are Buddhist &/or Taoist.

(3) Flag: Was adopted in 1949 after the Communist party took power. Red is for the blood shed in the revolution, and the traditional colour of the Chinese people. The large star represents the leadership, with the small stars representing the peasants, workers, bourgeoisie, and the capitalists, united under the Communist Party.

(4) Superstition: Red is considered a very lucky colour.

(5) Food: The basic diet is rice, noodles and tea. 45 Billion pairs of disposable chopsticks are used every year.

(6) Geography: China is the 3rd largest country in the world, after Russia and Canada, with an enormous range of geographic features from the Tibetan plateau to a seacoast fringed by islands.

(7) Animals: Pandas are a national treasure

(8) Children: China introduced the ‘One Child Policy’ in 1978 as a means of population control.

(9) Inventions: A calendar, calligraphy writing system, silk, paper, movable type printing, the wheel, magnetic compass, porcelain, gunpowder, icecream!

(10) Claims to Fame: The Great Wall of China – begun during the Quin Dynasty 221-206BCE, is a collection of shorter walls stretching about 8 850km.

Beijing Forbidden City – A world heritage Site Palace complex that covers 74 Hectares

Terracotta Army – Thousands of lifesized figures, all with different faces, hairstyles and expressions. They were found by a peasant in 1974, and surround an Emperor’s tomb.

Jackie Chan – Actor

Yao Ming – Basketball player

Confucious – Philospher

There is so much to say about China. It was really hard to select a few facts. Why not let me know what you love about China.

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