Janet Stacey

I had a wonderful visit with my Grandma last week. She had put aside some photos and certificates to show me. This photo is from 1941 – the beautiful Janet Stacey, after whom the college is named. Another certificate is from 1933 when she graduated from business college. She had her heart set on being a teacher, but as a country girl she had started school late, and was then considered too old to train as a teacher. Her Grandma paid for her to go and spend a year at Business College instead.

Talking with Grandma, who is now 94, the fiercely independent spirit of the eldest child of 5, is still obvious. She told me how she would not marry the man everyone expected her to, how ‘Miss Stacey’ took no cheek from her boss, started learning the keyboard at 60 years old, and in her 70’s decided to study a Diploma of Christian Ministry. Fluent in French in her youth, Grandma could read it without translating it back into English. After retiring from managing a book shop for 8 years, she then went and did volunteer work in England. A love of learning and interest what other people think has kept her active her whole life.

I feel proud having a Grandmother who has maintained such a sense of dignity throughout a long and diverse life. I look forward to placing her photo and certificates on the wall in our new building (when we get it!).

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