Official Name: Federative Republic of Brazil

Population: 192 Million

Capital: Brasilia, 2.5 Million Population

Sao Paulo is the largest city with 18 Million population.

Official Language: Portuguese

Population Density: 22 people km2


(1)Geography: A spectacular country – The biggest rainforest in the world (The Amazon); the biggest river in the world by volume (The Amazon River), and the longest beach in the world (7500km).

(2)Religion: Largest Catholic population in the world, with 75% of the population Catholic. This makes Brazil the 2nd highest Christian population in the world.

(3)Education: The Brazilian education level is considered low compared to developed countries (ref. Wikipedia). 92% literacy rate. See the articles in the Economist and The Brazil Business for deeper perspective.

(4)Sport: The Brazilians are football (known to Australians as soccer) mad. The have won the FIFA 5 times which is the most of any country. They will be hosting it in 2014.

(5)Food: Famous for its coffee, Brazil produces 25% of the world’s supply.

(6)Technology: Brazil is one of the world’s leading producers of hydroelectric power. It is also 100% energy independent.

(7)Family: Family is the foundation of the Brazilian social structure. Family, kinship and friendship play a major role in both social and business interactions.

(8) Women: Given the right to vote in 1931

(9) Economy: One of the fastest growing economies in the world with average GDP growth 5%

(10) Claims to fame:

Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio De Janeiro – one of the new seven wonders of the world.

Pele and Ronaldo  – football/soccer players

Carnival – A week long celebration in music and dance, celebrated all over Brazil, about 40 days before Lent.


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