A Baby College is Born

I don’t do pregnancy well. Ask my husband. Ask my children. Ask my mother. But I do have beautiful children. And maybe that is why I have returned to the daunting task of pregnancy twice after knowing how awful it was the first time. Pregnancy for me is a trial to be endured for the joy that comes afterwards. I know it is not like this for all women, but for me, it has been torture every time.

But children… the joy is unspeakable.

This week I have given birth to a baby college. The pregnancy was not nearly as difficult as with my children, but about as long. 9 months ago I was faced with the question “How do we start an English Language College in Perth?” The idea was conceived. The early few months were research, research research. How, what, when, where, and why? Learning everything I could about the industry, the competition, the registering authorities, the nature of small business, the nature of education institutions….

About 5 months in most women are showing a nice little bump, have stopped feeling nauseous (MOST! not me), and are beginning to think about life with a baby. Stacey College at 5 months from conception got a name. The process was very interesting a I looked back over my family history. Finally settling on the name STACEY in honour of my Grandmother, mother to 9 children, Grandmother to lots (really should check that next week!), Great Grandmother to a bunch. There will be more about Grandma in the next couple of weeks. Once the name was settled on, the company was launched.

6 months in and the website was launched, the blog began to chronicle the journey, and the legalities of business name, tax file number, business number and bank account were all done.

The 7th month was spent thinking and reading about vision and culture, then producing a vision for Stacey College.

In May, the 8th month, my wonderful husband introduced me to the woman who has become our first teacher and tutor. Rinna brings a vast amount of experience and talent to the company. There is also a team of agents working hard getting the word about Stacey College out to all their communities. Advertising and marketing kicked into gear.

And this week, June the 9th month, the birth of a college. With the launch of our tutoring services, we got our first student, and they are choosing to stick around, signing up for 2 tutorials a week! The birth felt a little more like a stork delivery than the real thing, but still a very joyous occasion.

So it’s time for a celebration. Time to stop and reflect for a moment. Time to mark the occasion. In June 2012 Stacey College got their first student and officially began! To those who have been following the journey – thanks for your support and encouragement. Stick around and enjoy the raising of baby Stacey into a fully grown college!

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  1. Merilyn
    Merilyn says:

    That’s a great description, and explanation of why I’m enjoying this experience so much! – LOVE babies too!!

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    rome total war ii says:

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