Republic of Korea

Recently I enjoyed spending time with a number of people from South Korea. I thought it was about time I started to learn a little about their country. This will be the first of a series on countries from which Stacey College students may come.

Republic of Korea: South Korea

Population: 50 Million

Language: Korean

Capital: Seoul, 9.8million population.

Population Density: 17288 people/km2


(1) Technology: Korea has the second fastest broadband in the world and has developed the first digital textbooks. 90% of Korean own mobile phones.

(2) Religion: 50% of Koreans identify as non-religious, 29% Christian, 22% Buddhist.

(3) Education: Korea has the highest estimated national IQ in the world!

(.) Superstition: The number 4 is considered very unlucky, with most buildings not having a 4th floor. Writing someone’s name in red ink means they are going to die, or are already dead.

(5) Food: Live squid is a very popular dish.

(6) Geography: Over 3000 islands make up Korea, with only about 400 inhabited.

(7) Men: Have 2 years of compulsory military service.

(8) Women: Keep their surname when they get married.

This blog is based on internet research. Please let me know if you think any of the facts are incorrect, or if you would like to share some more interesting facts about South Korea.