Miniatures: nurturing creativity

My daughter has a talent for miniatures. She has been doing it for years and is only 10 years old. She makes miniatures out of many different things – here you can see photos of her work from modelling clay. It is a beautifully creative practice as it has come from her own initiative.

I believe creativity is an important resource in whatever industry you are in. It brings new perspectives and new ideas to old ways of doing things, it shakes off boredom, and brings pleasure to otherwise menial tasks. Encouraging creativity in the workplace benefits both the employee and the business.

What are the talents of your employees? Where does their creativity spontaneously shine? How can you as a manager encourage and nurture this?

When I watch my daughter making her miniatures I can’t help but wonder, “Will she become a sculptor, a cake decorator,  or a business woman?” But that is not the point of course. The point is that she is enormously creative, and that brings pleasure to all around her. I will always try to nurture that creativity as it will make her life richer and more rewarding.




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  1. Merilyn
    Merilyn says:

    I just love to see everyone in the family being creative in different ways – it reflects God the great creator. Well done Samara & Kathy. M xx

  2. sylviascott
    sylviascott says:

    This is wonderful to see-perhaps when she is in high school she’ll take one step further and sell them on Etsy or on her own website. Nothing like teen girl entrepreneurs.

  3. sylviascott
    sylviascott says:

    How great is this-perhaps in a few years when she is in 9th grade she’ll sell them on Etsy, during craft fairs or have her own website. Nothing like teen girls as entrepreneurs using their creativity-

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