101 Ways to Advertise Your Business

I have begun planning our first advertising campaign. Andrew Griffith’s book makes a number of helpful points.

1. Keep your advertising simple – have one message.

2. Make sure your advertisement is seen numerous times, ideally in different formats/ locations.

3. Use a call to action, including how and when this should be responded to.

4. For start ups, your budget should be approximately 10% of turnover, for ongoing business, target 5%.

5. Analyse the success of your campaign.

6. Make sure your ad stands out in the right place.

Obviously there is a lot more material in the book but this is what I found helpful for my particular situation. Always great to be reading an Australian author too!

So keep your eyes out for our ads in the Joondalup/ Wanneroo Times (local paper) in July. Also poster and leaflet should be flying around and landing in various places.

No idea what sort of response we will get – but we are in there having a go. Will let you know!

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  1. Katie Raspberry
    Katie Raspberry says:

    Wow is this a new layout for your blog? Love it!
    Also, very well done article! I agree with every pointer the hard part is figuring everything out such as where your target is, what appeals to them etc… Can’t wait to hear news on your new business! 😛

    • Stacey College
      Stacey College says:

      Yes – this is the new website and blog in one. Glad you like it. I’m new to the advertising field so will be interesting working out all those things. I plan to do a lot of analysis and reflecting along the way to try and figure out what works best.

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