The power of Collaboration

These days at universities the lines between faculties are becoming blurred. People are mixing ideas and coming up with grand new ways of looking at things. I read in the QANTAS magazine about a chance meeting between a psychiatrist and an engineer. A product of their resulting collaboration is a device that tests brainwaves for mental illness diagnosis! It’s called EVestG  and their company is Neural Diagnostics.

On a much less grand scale, this week I have been working with my cousin helping him with his website for Vose College. He has an Arts background and like me has strayed into the dark side (business). As I listened to the pitch for his new college I was almost ready to sign up for the course. What he brings is a new perspective on business study. One that suits those of us with a heart for people and changing the world. Often the divide between profit and non-profit leaves those with business skills on the profit side, and those with compassion and people skills on the other. Wouldn’t it be great to empower both sides with the gifts that the other side brings. I am guilty of business bashing for a long time. But the reality is that if you don’t know how to run a business well, all the heart and people skills in the world won’t pay the bills.

Check out Vose College for their Diploma of Management starting soon.

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  1. Katie Raspberry
    Katie Raspberry says:

    Good point Kathy, as I wrote once before – even if you don’t want your business’ main focus to be revenue; it’s highly impossible unless you were born extremely wealthy. Every company needs a healthy income.

    Great post!

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