Failure: the motivation for success

‘I should have been a great many things.’ Jo March, Little Women

Before I started working on Stacey College I spent a year losing on the stock market. I have never been so bad at something in my life! Actually I’ve been blessed with reasonable talent at most things I’ve had a go at. I did well at school, well enough at sport, played a few musical instruments, and dabbled in art and photography. When you look at successful entrepreneurs one thing that stands out is their determination to succeed. I can’t say I’ve ever really had this in a positive sense. I have felt an overpowering desire not to fail (that is really what drove my academic success at school). But a determination, a confidence in my own ability to learn, work out solutions, and persevere has been a long time coming. I believe it was born out of failure.

The year I spent ‘learning’ the stock market was frustrating and perplexing. Once a week I would meet with my mentor. He would invariably ask, ‘Have you made a million yet?’ and I would answer with my tales of woe. That year I was faced with continual failure and the option to quit at any time. My biggest battle was facing the voice in my head that kept telling me I was wasting my time, looking foolish, and would never be able to succeed. It was an emotional roller coaster! My mentor taught me about trading, but really set about giving me the tools to become an entrepreneur. I finished the year with a whole new set of skills and the determination to persist and succeed.

When the opportunity to start Stacey College presented itself I felt ready to jump in. I knew that I had stared failure in the face and pulled through. I knew that I had some skills, but more importantly I knew how to learn what I needed to know. The journey so far has been really fun. It’s only been 7 months since the idea was born. We have yet to get a building or any students, but I feel a quiet confidence, that if you check back in with us in 2 years time you will be amazed at what you find.

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  1. Merilyn
    Merilyn says:

    Love your honesty and self awareness. The sky is the limit Kathy – am really enjoying this journey!
    M x

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