Time for Holidays

We have just had a lovely holiday in Dawesville, just past beautiful Mandurah south of Perth. Exquisite beach, blue skies, luxurious apartment, relaxing with the family. We went to Cicerellos for dinner. Lining up in a busy restaurant with a huge menu I had a moment of panic trying to order for myself and the kids. I ended up with Chicken Parmigiana. As I sat down to my meal I was kicking myself. I mean, I like chicken parmigiana, and this was a really nice version of the classic, but who comes to one of the best seafood places in WA and eats chicken?! Note to self – I am not great in the heat of the moment, therefore a little thought before the event is always helpful.

Making vision statements, goals, and priorities all prepare for the sudden moments when a decision has to be made. Making family a priority from the beginning is important for me. My business partner has always said, if this ever gets in the way of family life, just walk away! I know that sounds pretty strong but knowing that he thinks this gives me the confidence to start the whole endevour. I certainly don’t mean that Stacey College will come a poor second to every whim and fancy of the family. I mean that business will never be a priority over family. I love the idea of running my own business so my kids can come in with me and see how the world of work operates. How they can learn the business and become a part of it if they want. How I can structure work commitments around family priorities. Of course at this stage it is mostly theory. But if I don’t have the theory in place before the business heats up I will just get swept away by the stresses of the moment, and family will probably suffer.