Free Money

I know what you are thinking. ‘It’s a scam.’ ‘There’s a hidden catch.’ ‘I’ll end up paying heaps in the end.’ Well the truth of it is that the Australian government wants more people to start businesses, hire people, and make the economy keep growing. In order to do this, they are more than willing to hand out FREE MONEY in the form of government grants. These grants do not have to be paid back, and are available for all sorts of reasons, including starting a business. The only work involved is doing your homework by contacting checking out the website and/or calling the Australian Business Financing Centre on 1800 791 780, and then applying for the cash.

Anyone got a successful grant application story to share? It would be great to hear from you.
I am thinking about applying for some of this free cash and will let you know about the process along the way.

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  1. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Absolutely go for it Kathy!! I applied for a couple of grants for the school when i was on the P & C grants committee….. had a 50% success rate with 4 applications. Still…. we ended up receiving a lot of $$ that we wouldn’t have been able to raise by ourselves. The application process always seems tedious, but hopefully it be worth it in the end. Let me know if you need any help…. i am no expert, but happy to help out. x

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