Basic Gardening Skills for Business

I love how lessons learned in any field often translate to other areas. I enjoy gardening, but it has not always been so. My Dad, who is a keen gardener, just kept giving me plants until I finally stopped killing them. These are the first few lessons I learnt which I will apply to business.

(1) Plants need water: Business needs cash

Duh! Well you would be surprised how many plants I have killed by not watering them. Maybe some of you plant killers out there have done the same? Well how many businesses have gone under from lack of cash flow. It’s pretty basic, but that makes it all the more important. If you can’t make money you’re not going to survive. Your business might be more like a cactus that only needs the odd drip here and there, or it might be more like grass that goes brown and prickly after a few hot dry days! Either way, your business is going to need cash.

(2) Only the tough will survive.

I presume as you get more experienced in both gardening and business you are able to cultivate more delicate specialized creatures, but until then, I spend my money on plants that are tough! A tough business I would say is one that through research and preparation is deemed to have a good chance of success.

(3) If it’s dead (or dying) pull it out.

This has been a liberation to my gardening. Instead of having half dead plants littered across the yard depressing me, if a plant is not thriving it gets the boot. It may encourage you to know how many business success stories have in their past a multitude of failed businesses. It’s not until they find the right plant, for the right place that growth suddenly happens.

(4) Celebrate your successes.

One flower is worth photographing! Every success builds your confidence and knowledge base, and helps you to persevere. Even the ‘overnight’ business successes are usually preceeded by years of learning and dedication.

I hope you enjoy my flowers. In time I look forward to seeing my business flourish!

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  1. glendashawley
    glendashawley says:

    We’re very much on the same wavelength here Kathy. I’ve written seven posts on business growth lessons from gardening and you’ve come up with another four ideas that I haven’t covered. I wonder if we could keep going all year!

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