I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.
Blaise Pascal

This week has been about brainstorming about everything I want Stacey College to be. As Pascal acknowledges it takes longer to make it shorter, and that is why the vision and culture statement of few words, has taken so long to prepare.

I found Neil Crofts post called ‘Three Steps to a Better Business (and life)’ useful as it provided the categories of vision and culture. Vision being the big dream that you really want to achieve without being hindered by the ‘how’. Neil defines the culture as the values or behaviours that will allow you to achieve your vision. Culture is the ‘how’ to your vision. And so with this in mind I have prepared the following Vision and culture statements for Stacey College.


Stacey College aims to be a vibrant learning community that encourages students to achieve their goals.




A further fleshing out of what the Vision statement means for the members of the college.
‘Vibrant’ positive atmosphere, beautiful surroundings, passionate teachers.
‘Learning’ innovative teaching methods, excellent facilities, quality courses, professional staff.
‘Community’supportive staff, connections to wider community, honest business practices.
‘Encourages students to achieve their goals’individual attention, career guidance to encourage goal setting and planning of future pathways, belief in the potential of all students, flexible learning opportunities that suit individual needs.

In thinking about the culture of the college I felt it was important to balance creativity with hardwork. Being positive, passionate and innovative makes for an exciting, dynamic educational environment. Professionalism, honesty and reliability will ensure that the day to day runnings of the college are not forsaken with each great new idea. I dream of a college that can run smoothly, be relied upon by its students to provide them with a quality education, while at the same time, constantly evolving and changing to incorporate the latest learning and technology.