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Here are some books that I have read recently and enjoyed related to starting a small business.

6 Secrets to Start Up Success: How to turn your entrepreneurial passion into a thriving business. John Bradberry, New York, 2011

Great to start thinking of myself as a entrepreneur (and also learning how to spell it!). Helpful to learn a few things from people who have done the start up thing before me.

How to organise & operate a small business in Australia (10th Edition), John English, 2006.

It’s so hard to find good books by Australians but this is one of them. Obviously other people agree with me as it’s in it’s 10th edition. Being by an Australian means that all the links and organisations it mentions are directly relevant to me. A great book to have on the shelf as a resource. Other websites who also recommend this book:
Community Cultural Development in Australia
Danielle MacInnis

Small business, big opportunity: winning the right customers through smart marketing and advertising, Rob Harnett & Sensis, 2006.

I read this book while I was organising the logo, website and marketing design. It was really helpful in helping to understand the industry jargon and get a handle on what I wanted to achieve out of marketing and how to go about it. This can be downloaded for free here.

Online marketing: a user’s guide, Murray Newlands, 2011.

This book grew out of a blog – a bit of encouragement to all us bloggers out there. By the way – did you know that wordpress estimates that 120 000 new blogs are started everyday. So if you’re not getting much traffic (like me) don’t despair – the competition is fierce – but the drop out rate is also high. So the longer we hang in there, the greater the chance of winning readers and gaining a presence on the web. Back to the book – it is a helpful introduction to all things online marketing in a easy read fashion. This seems to be a growing area (that of online or social media marketing support). One thing to keep in mind is that the book needs to be new as this area is changing so rapidly all the time.

Social media marketing for digital photographers, Lawrence Chan, 2012.

This covers a lot of the same material as Newlands, just with more of a focus on the photography side of things. Up to date, helpful with a quirky sense of humour which makes it a little more readable. Chan is also a blogger (aren’t we all these days). Being a bit of a photographer, and recognising the power of the image, I found this book good to help me think about how to improve my use of images in marketing.

I hope you find this list helpful. I will continue to share other books as I come across them that I think small business start ups might appreciate. Please feel free to recommend good books that you have read to me. These books were all found at my local library. This demonstrates my good financial management (not spending money on books when I can get them from the library for free) which is important as bad financial management is the main reason for 1st year failure in small businesses as all the books will tell you!

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