The Beginning of Stacey Resources

Well it has been an exciting week! Stacey Resources Pty. Ltd. has been officially registered as a company. I am one of the directors. This company will form the resource base for Stacey College. I have submitted the application for the business name Stacey College and then will open a bank account.

My brother Cooper has designed the college logo which will soon be revealed.

The main focus from here is getting the website up and running. I am in the process of creating it – and am on a sharp learning curve. I did design websites once – back at the dawn of the internet at uni in 1996. Everything is actually a little easier now but it is still proving a challenge.

This weekend (a long weekend I only discovered to my delight today) I will try and get out and about to take some touristy photos of Perth for the website. Should be fun.